- A Licensed Training Program of USA.

Two days training workshop from 7:40am to 5:00pm in Our Hall at Abu Dhabi / Dubai, in company or for a group of 14, from different professionals: Join today for free consultation, Target setting, individual Pre-Training schedule & Personal Coaching from Global Facilitator, HR Consultant, Business Innovator, Educational & Counselling Specialist and EQ Lady :

LEAD FACILITATOR : Dr. Rose Murickan, Ph.D. (USA)
Certified Facilitator, USA,
Certified Innovator, Harvard, USA
Founder & President,
DNA of Excellence Group


Duration: 2- 5 Days (Flexible)

Number of Participants: 25 (Flexible)

Standard of Major Engineering and Scientific Research Institutions in USA, as per NASA specifications.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the type of technical report they are writing.

  2. Reporting research findings.

  3. Simple Technical Information Report.

  4. Technical Specifications, Evaluation & Recommendation Reports.

  5. Technical Manuals and Instructions & write down specific aim.

  6. How to match the content to your reader’s knowledge. How to keep information specific. rather than general and how to use simple words rather than complex ones

  7. How to avoid jargon, especially; acronyms and abbreviations, non-words, abstract words and phrases. Avoid non-words.

  8. Keep technical terms to a minimum.

  9. Use examples and illustrations.

  10. Use diagrams, flowcharts and graphs.

  11. Use good layout to draw attention to key technical information.

  12. Test your document with intended readers.

Level of Participation:

Managers, Middle Managers, UAE Developees, Officers Sales team, Marketing managers, customer care, health care, Supervisors, Senior Operators & Operators Engineers.

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