Aggression Management

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LEAD FACILITATOR : Dr. Rose Murickan, Ph.D. (USA)
Certified Facilitator, USA,
Certified Innovator, Harvard, USA
Founder & President,
DNA of Excellence Group

Program Schedule

I. Aim
-To enhance the competence of employees in managing challenging (patient) behavior.

II. Objectives
1. Personal safety issues, for staff and patients, confirm by training.
2. Address the psychological and organizational costs, associated with Aggression in the work place, sort out ways to manage it effectively.
3. How to avoid or decrease the effects of Aggression in the system, including violence.
4. Train the staff for managing violence and aggression, for managing aggression can have a huge impact on quality of customer (patient)care.
5. To increase the staff confidence, by training them to manage aggression, than to increase knowledge or change.
6. Gain a working strategy on aggression management in self &in customer (patient) care, and how to practice it routine job.
7. Improve staff safety by the training.

III. Content
1. GA Model, relationship between Personality and Aggression.
2. Five Factor Model, Aggression & Personality-relationship.
3. Understanding Aggression- why and how, individual differences, situations
4. Identifying the problem-and working on the issues, solutions.
5. Creating a personal plan for solving the problem.
6. How to deal with angry people, analysis and practical measures – the EQ approach.
7. The Alternate Approach- alter, avoid, forgive, guide.
8. De-escalation Techniques
9. Understanding the dynamics of Aggression & counter aggression,(in patient care).
10. Controlling anger, types, self-reported sober, or intoxicated state(drugs, the like)
11. Trait anger, differences in trait anger, control measures, how to  implement..
12. Coaching & Training on anger management techniques,
13. Effects of positive thinking, yoga, meditation and empathy on aggression management.
14. The management of clinical Aggression in health systems-
-Rapid emergency department intervention
-use of de-escalation techniques, also effective communication and listening skills to prevent patient aggression
15. Delegate's inputs on real time incidents, anecdotes, discussion.
16. Case studies, inferences;-role plays, exercises to practice.
17. Evaluation,
18. Action plan on systemic modules.
19. Award of certificate

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